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Colour & Image Analysis

This is what Kerryn can do for you…

When you are wearing the “right” colour, clothes and accessories you will look great and feel great. You will feel confident in anything you do. Every woman and man needs to understand all aspects about themselves before they go shopping for personal items.

Why should I attend a Colour and Image class?
Every person should know:
·         Undertone of their skin. (Cool or Warm)
·         The two colours that make up their eye colour
·         Hair colour
·         Face shape
·         Body shape
·         Their own style personality

Colour Analysis… for ladies and men
There are twelve different colour palettes. In the past a person was analysed to be either a Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. I now use a colour flow system. This means that we now have flow combination from the first four colour palettes used in the old system.

For example: I was originally analysed as a Spring, but I have dark brown eyes. Other Spring people may have green or blue/green eyes. I am a Spring that has some Autumn influence. Spring and Autumn are both warm (yellow based) seasons. My colour palette has the clarity of a Spring
with some darker colours added to enhance my darker eyes, thus my Warm Clear Colour Palette is unique to me.


Another example: A person originally analysed as a Winter, with dark hair and blue eyes, but now her hair has gone grey or white over the passing years. She has evolved and needs some lighter Cool Summer influence in her colour palette.

Yes, it is a good idea to up-date your colour palette as you mature over the years.

People treat their sixty-shade colour palette as their best friend. They take it shopping with them and use it as a guide when they choose any item of clothing, shoes, handbags, spectacles frames, hair colours, accessories, underwear, cars, house colours, name tags, even fishing rods – almost everything. It is important because things have to feel and look right on you! All the colours in your own palette will look great and will be a perfect match for you.

Your wardrobe will automatically coordinate with the benefit of knowing the correct colours to choose. We will give you plenty of information about your special enhancing colours, your money saving best basic colours and how to have fun and add energy into your life when using your wonderful Accent colours.

Personal Style Portfolio…
Your colouring is one aspect, but your face shape and your unique body shape is another. This is why every person needs a personal Style Portfolio. Your body’s characteristics and measurements are taken and that unique data is entered into our computer. The computer program will analyse the data and print your results.

style_ portfolioA full colour shopping guide comes with the Style Portfolio. This book is full of examples of the basic garment styles that the fashion industry rotates around.The styles that your daughter is wearing now, maybe; we were wearing twenty years ago. What you want to know now is
what styles are ideal for the latest version of you.

Your Style Portfolio results will break up all the shopping guide examples into your “Greats”, “Goods”, and “Avoids”.

“Greats” – highlighted in red. It will explain why the red highlighted styles and items are great for you. The best choice when you are shopping.

“Goods” or “Good only if” – highlighted in blue. It will give you guidance on how you can add to these items or styles to make them look better.

 “Avoids” – highlighted in grey. These may be the latest fashion but it has been designed for someone who is the opposite shape to you,  therefore, it is best to avoid these particular styles or items.

Every person needs these tools if they want to be happy with their purchases and spend their money wisely. Learning about your personal style, colour and image is an investment not a cost. It will save you time and money in the long run. You will love shopping – it will be so easy.

Discover your own Style Personality…
Have you ever wondered why things that you love do not always appeal to your sister or best friend? Everyone has his or her own Style Personality or Style Expression. You will find out what personality you are in Kerryn’s Colour Analysis Class or Style Portfolio Class. This information will help you choose fabric texture and the print size, the size and shape of accessories etcetera. The “wearing ease” or “fit” of clothing eg: firm or relaxed is also part of your style expression and is covered in this session.

An example: A person who has a “natural-classic-elegant” style personality doesn’t feel comfortable in a “dramatic-sexy-feminine” outfit, even though the colour of the garment is right for her. I find this area fascinating. It is where I start in my classes and everyone feels comfortable with each other.

Discover Your Basic Essential Makeup Collection…
Every person has beauty. The wearing of makeup is to camouflage the imperfections caused by Mother Nature and to highlight the positive areas of the face – the eyes, lips, cheekbones and the actual face shape.

In the Essentials Makeup Makeover class I show the client the shades of makeup that will enhance their natural colouring. I teach her how to apply the products according to her age bracket, colouring, face shape, style personality and the climate in which she lives.


Adonia Cosmetics is a relatively new range of makeup that has been formulated and designed especially for our Australian climates. This range is perfect for ladies who have been colour analysed. It has been developed by one of Australia’s leading Colour and Image consultants who has over twenty-five years experience in the industry. I am sure you have found a lipstick that matched everything in your wardrobe, but when you went to purchase another next time, you were told it has been discontinued. It will rarely happen with this range.

I can guide you to the right shades of makeup from the Adonia range that will complement all of the sixty colours in your colour palette. These colours are your basic essentials that you can use on a daily basis and you can add special fashion colours to coordinate with special garments for special occasions.

I have been in the Colour and Image industry for over twenty years and I have an extensive client base that trusts my knowledge and advice, so products of the highest standard and the best that Mother Nature has to provide is essential. Adonia has everything I need in products for my clients. The quality is excellent.

Wardrobe Planning and Accessorising…
Both are very important to the whole Personal Colour and Image concept. Important aspects such as body shape, colouring, lifestyle, climate, profession; even travel and budget are taken into account. Learn how to work with your face shape and create interesting necklines using your choice of accessories. It’s easy when you learn how to use or tie them. You can change the entire look of a quality garment just by changing the accessories. I use jewellery in the summer time and scarves in the winter time. Accessories are used to highlight a basic garment and to attract attention to the face. Every person needs to understand which accessories are correct for her to wear.

You need knowledge on your face shape and neck length, also shoulder broadness, colouring, personal style, bust size and level. What accessories suit you best is an important factor as well. Accessories will change with the fashion trends, so when the accessories that suit you are in fashion you need to purchase them while they are plentiful. You wear accessories that suit your style, not just because they are in fashion.



When you experience Kerryn’s Colour and Image services you will be full of inspiration and self-esteem.

Personal Colour and Image classes are held regularly all year. For more information on the specific classes conducted, go to the Classes page and for bookings please use our Booking Form, phone or email Kerryn.

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