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Colour Analysis Class

For ladies and men.

This class includes a Makeup Makeover as an option.

Discover the colours that suit you best…

The first part of the class is looking at your Personal Style so I can fully understand your “likes” and “dislikes”, then I can treat you in a way that you feel very comfortable during the class.

Next I colour analyse you in front of a mirror so you can see instantly the differences between the “right” colours and “wrong” colours. You will be surprised.

There are twelve different colour palettes. In the past a person was analysed to be either a  Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn. I now use a colour flow system. This means that we now have flow combination from the first four colour palettes used in the old system.


After selecting your sixty-shade colour palette, I will personalise it especially for you.

Every person needs to know how to work with his or her palette when shopping.

You will discover your Basic, Accent, Intensifier and Enhancing colours and learn how they will work in your future wardrobe.

Wardrobe1 wardrobe_3

Guidance is given on how to audit your existing wardrobe. You will receive a wardrobe-planning sheet. I will explain how to use it to create a twelve-piece capsula wardrobe for the future.  You will be given all the information you need on paper for future referral.


Makeup Makeover…
I will show you how to discover your beauty.

Every lady needs a basic range of makeup that will enhance all sixty shades in her colour palette. The colours that you wear won’t work as well if your makeup is not complementary. The class is about understanding the difference between warm or cool undertone of colours.

I teach you how to apply the right coloured products according to your colouring, face shape, style personality and age bracket. You discover how to defy gravity and to lift your face upwards and outwards. You can create a shorter or wider appearance depending on your individual needs. You will see your makeup collection develop and how it complements your colour palette.

There are five different collections available. The collections are great value and will save you  from $35 up to $95 if the products were purchased individually to make your own collection.

The Adonia range of makeup has been specially designed for the Colour
and Image industry and the Australian climate. It is hypoallergenic and
has UV protection. This range will not change as often as fashion makeup
ranges do, therefore, there is a greater chance that your favourite
lipstick colour will always be available.

Make Over rikkiMake Over lyn
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The new you…
After the makeup is applied we go back to the mirror to discover THE NEW YOU. You will see a selection of your correct colours draped on you and then over the top I drape ome wrong colours. Then I remove the wrong colours to reveal the much younger looking new version of you – Wow!

Investment Time

Specially requested one-on-one class

With Makeup Makeover class

Allow 4 hours 
$290.00 per person

In a small class of up to 3 ladies

With Makeup Makeover session

Allow 4 hours
$260.00 Without Makeup Makeover session     Allow 3 hours


These classes are held regularly all year. For more information and bookings please use our Classes Enquiry  Form phone or email Kerryn.

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