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Personal Style Portfolio

For ladies and men

Every person needs to make the RIGHT decisions and purchase wisely when they are shopping. We need to spend our time and money wisely on items that work for us and give us the image and messages that we want to portray. A Personal Style Portfolio has all of the answers you are looking for. The portfolio that you receive has numerous coloured images to guide you through your choices and is very easy to comprehend.

Ladies Portfolio…

In this class your body measurements and other data such as your face shape, bra cup size, neck length and thickness, shoulder width, age bracket and parts of your body that you would like to disguise are recorded. This information is  processed on our computer program and your own personal results are printed out and put into your folder. This information will help you understand how to work with your personalised full colour shopping guide that we provide for you. This shopping guide is full of all of the garments and personal items around which the fashion industry rotates. All you want to know is which garments and accessories are right for you and why this choice is for you.

Your results will break up all of the shopping guide examples up into your “Greats”, “Goods” and “Avoids”.

What you will discover…

  • How your body is shaped and it’s relevance to specific garment styles.
  • What styles of clothes and design lines will give you the illusion of length or width.
  • What collars and necklines suit your face, shoulder width and bust size.
  • What skirt, dress, pant, jackets, blouses, sleeve and cuff styles are perfect for your body shape.
  • The length of the above garments is also covered.
  • What styles of swimwear and gym wear are the most flattering for you.
  • What scarf, jewellery, belt, earring and hat styles best flatter your face shape or features.
  • What shoe toe shapes, heel shapes, height and sole thicknesses, straps and vamps will complement your legs. It covers every shoe from flats, sandals, stilettos, and joggers to boots.
  • What scale of print, patterns and accessories suit you bone structure, height and weight.
  • How to mix prints, patterns and textures.
  • How to discover and evolve your personal style.


Men’s Portfolio…

Men’s Portfolios are produced in the same way. You receive the two books that are specially designed to cover all “men’s issues” similar to the above. The investment and time is the same.

If it is impossible to visit our shop for a personal consultation, the next best alternative is the Estyle Portfolio. It is not the same as having a personal consultation, but it is an excellent alternative. You can even try before you buy.

Investment  Time
$260.00         Allow 1 hour

These classes are held regularly all year. For more information and bookings please use our Classes Enquiry Form, phone or email Kerryn.

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