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Wardrobe Planning Class

This is a one-on-one session with Kerryn. Allow at least two hours for the session.

Most people have a wardrobe full of clothes, but they have nothing to wear.

This session has the answer…

You can bring in any garment that fits you and is in good condition. You can also bring along any “favourites” that are warn out and you would like to have copied and repeated again and again. If you have a fabric stash, you can bring in any pieces that you would like to have made up. You may have some favourite patterns that you know fit you well. Bring them as well.

We work with what you have, maybe for example, change buttons to give the garment a more modern look. Important aspects such as body shape, colouring, lifestyle, climate, profession; even travel and budget are taken into account. We  work with your existing wardrobe and you are advised on what accessories to add or the fabrics and patterns to use to create a coordinating wardrobe that works specifically for you. We can start from scratch if you wish.

A plan is created for you to take home. This will keep you or your dressmaker on track. You will be given fabric samples, the pattern numbers to be used for those samples, the amount needed and the cost. Lay-by is available to help with your budget if you are not able to purchase everything you need at once. The stock of the samples, especially the prints, will sell out and may not be replaced.

wardrobe_3 wardrobe_4


We use our twelve-piece wardrobe plan as a guide to create 102 different outfits.

Tip!  When leaving home with your suitcases, please inform the family that you will be coming home.

Investment    Time
$50 per hour  2 to 3 hours  
These classes are held regularly all year. For more information and bookings please use our Classes Enquiry Form, phone or email Kerryn.
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